Monday 22 October 2012

Happiness is a Warm Gun

Not sure why but I seem to be on a roll at the moment. I'm really enjoying painting again. I have been to the club a few times. I seem to always be thinking and planning various bits and pieces for my games and dreaming up new projects by the hour! Not sure how many will see the light of day but its refreshing after a summer of virtually nothing.

  My 1914 French are all done apart from basetex on the bases. I have finished all but the cavalry for my 1846 U.S. army to face off against Ade's Mexicans. I finished up my Queens Rangers for the AWI today along with a Confederate brass band (figures from Essex). Whereas for months I have had figures in various stages of completion, not having any motivation to finish them, I now seem to be able to sit and get the job done. Looking at various other bloggers out there you frequently see people describing burnout or loss of motivation. Some even contemplate selling evereything and walking away from the hobby. Whilst others are in fine form knocking out figures by the dozen and playing more games than ever. I dont know of other pastimes that afflict its participants in a similar way. Do golfers play at every opportunity and then hit a brick wall and stop for a few months?

I was speaking to someone at a show a while ago about the phenomenon of buying a load of figures for a project at a show only for inspiration to desert a week later leaving the pile of figures to languish on the mythical 'lead-pile' we all have. This can in some cases amount to hundreds of pounds worth of figures that go untouched, sometimes for years. How many golfers or fishermen for example do you know that impulse buy the latest gear only to store it at the back of the garage unused? Not many I suspect. We are a strange bunch.

Sunday 21 October 2012

Hammerin Iron

Been working hard to tart up my Hammerin Iron ships. This is Peter Pigs ACW Naval game which is a fast play hex based game with buckets of dice. I have had most of the ships for years but have spruced them up with a wash and a drybrush. I have also pianted up the tokens for the game in nice bright colours! These indicate various bits of damage done to your ship. Self explanatory really!
This is my collection stored in a 4 litre Really Useful Box. These are great for storing all your wargaming impedimentia. If you look out for deals they can be picked up really cheaply.
I have also added a few new ships. Two are here. First is the CSS Tennessee. One of the best Rebel ships in the game.
Here is the USS Sassacus. A really nice looking model.
Cant wait to get these into action.

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Progress on painting.

Just put the last stroke of paint on my Square Bashing 1914 French. I started them in January but have had a long hiatus since April. There are around 14 Infantry units, 9 guns, 8 MGs plus associated command and dead. I still have a unit of Dragoons to start. I am tempted to build a small contingent of Belgians maybe 3 Infantry units, 3 Mgs, a couple of guns and maybe a Cavalry unit. But lots to do in the mean time. In a small departure from Peter Pig games I took advantage of a sale at Alternative Armies and purchased a Human and an Orc army for Hordes of the Things. Once the French are done I will get these done in quick time. Results to follow. This weekend sees me back in Weymouth for a PBI competition at the Weymouth Warlords club. As per usual I am staying with Martin and attending the Levellers club on the Friday, most likely to brush away the PBI cobwebs. I will be taking my 1944 U.S. army as usual. A small report will put on here on my return. I have a real desire to get a Fields of Glory army finished at some point. I have the figures in Early Imperial Romans and Germans from Peter Pig and have two units of Romans done. If I could just dedicate some time to them I could get them finished in no time. Also nearing completion are my U.S. troops to fight Ade’s Mexicans in 1846-8 action. Diverse tastes or what! More soon.