Thursday 29 January 2009

I'm Back

Well after a lay off I am back.

The last few months of 2008 were spent in a GW frenzy painting an Empire army and some 40k. Now its the new year and I have dug out my little Piggies again.

I have painted a unit of Cuirassier for my ECW and have some dragoons on the go. Also a few bits for Vietnam. My ACW armies remain unbased so they are a priority. Also my two PBI armies need finishing.

It is the York show this weekend. No major purchase planned, just a few bits and pieces. Peter Pig are there so I paln jumping on their Samurai game again. I may put a large order in for the WMMS in Wolverhampton on 8th March as you get 10% off for advance orders. Probably WoTR to complete my order of battle for Towton. Then to get some paint on them.

Plans for the year......

Game more at home.
Play the Peter Pig rules I enjoy so much.
Paint more than I buy.
Keep in touch with my gaming buddies more than I do.

To be honest with working the unsocial hours I do, I often find it difficult to get to my club and hence can go a few weeks without any gaming contact. Often when I can get sown to the club, am either too tired or some social engagement crops up. I guess at the current rate I will attend less than 50% of this years club meetings. I must make more of an effort to et down when I can and also arrange games outside of the club. No point having lots of nice figurse and never using them.

I am also toying with a 6mm project to game the War of Spanish Succession, but if this gets passed the reading and buying a few figures stage I will be suprised. The Peter Pig ranges have more than enough to keep me busy and I just keep getting drawn back to their systems and figures.

On that note I am really going to miss Brixcon this year. Graham Evans, organiser, has cancelled this years meeting due to a number of reasons, not least of which is the current revision of the AK47 rules that is underway. This has really split the community and there are good arguments on either side of the fence. The new rules are going to be radically different from the set we have now, more in line with the current crop of RFCM rules. They will play differently, look different and to be honest will really only share the same title. I have the latest play test version and like how they read. I will try them out in the next couple of weeks. However I do feel there will be those who will resist the changes and stick with the 'classic' set, which to be honest are fine as they are.

I really would love to put on a RFCM day locally but I am not sure I have the wherewithall to do it. Last year I booked into two events (PBI and CWB) and bailed out at the last minute due to work. I would love to attend a couple of events this year. I just need to paln ahead in advance to make sure leave is approved.

More next week after the York show.

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