Saturday 16 January 2010

Not much

happening wargames wise. Post Christmas lull, with a spot of house hunting. Which if it comes off will see me the proud owner of a dedicated wargames room.


Lost the last one with 12x6 table, patio doors and double radiator. Which was rather careless. But, I wouldn't take it back now for all the tea in China. I live now in a small cottage in the countryside with fields all around. Idyllic, but only two bedrooms, so the dining room table is my current warzone. If it happens, it happens. If not...meh. Nothing lost.

I have beeen tidying up my Samurai and Wars of the Roses stuff and prepping a few more bits and pieces here and there, including finishing the Maku screens which are nice. Just wondering what if anything I need from Vapnartak which has crept up rather swiftly. Probably a few scenic items from Hovels for the Samurai. Maybe the last two foot units for Wars of the Roses and maybe some horse.

There is alot of discussion going on over at the RFCM Yahoogroup and not all Char B chat. Some of it gets a bit too serious with the occasional post making me think 'what am I doing wasting my time here when I could be painting figures'. I may just go back to the occasional lurk now and then.

Went to the club last night and played some boardgames with John B, Stefan P and young Jon and Ben. A good time had by all. We played a Formula ? racing game, which i won, Risk, which I did terribly at and Lawless which I did pretty poorly in too. I am not much of a boardgamer to be honest, but it is a nice diversion now and then.

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Beccas said...

I pulled out of the RFCM Yahoo Group. Not a friendly place and dominated by a mates club. Blogging is more fun. Once you get up a good list of blogs to visit you don't have time to look at yahoo.