Saturday 5 February 2011


Isn't it funny how ideas for projects creep up and grab you when your not looking. For some reason I cant get the thought of Crimean and Malburian projects out of my head. No idea why, other than a bit of reading here and there.

Quite often an idea for a project can come and go within a day. One day I want to do French Indian Wars as seen in Wargames Illustrated years ago using the old WRG rules. The next I dont.

But an idea can grow some impetus as I think of suitable figure ranges and peruse websites for suitable candidates. As a pretty much confirmed 15mm gamer, there are the staple manufacturers - Peter Pig of course, but also Essex, Friekorps, Lancashire, Minifigs and Old Glory. The project can die a death here if no figure ranges take my fancy. Or, I may go as far as getting a few samples to look at.

Then of course one has to consider rules. If no commercial rules are available or else free on the web, again a project idea can fade away. I am no rules writer so with no commercial set to my liking there is no hope.

However even if I find figures and rules, a project can be many months from hitting the wargames table. This can be a dangerous time for any wargames project as the 'ooh shiny' complex can kick in distracting you away to begin the process all over again.

Over the last few years I have concentrated on Peter Pig rules and figures and this wont change any time soon. But it does not protect me from a wandering eye every now and then when inspiration hits in a period not covered by Peter Pig. I was chatting to Ade at the club last night and he mentione about allowing himself one historical period to collect in 28mm (he has lots of GW fantasy and 15mm historicals). It got me wandering what periods I would like to collect or game in 28mm. Now with unlimited resources, I would opt for ACW using Dixon figures, painted by Bob Kiff on bespoke terrain. Probably the OOB for Gettysburg at brigade level. But that aint ever going to happen. And to be honest I am quite content playing with and painting my Peter Pig figures. Of course if Martin ever produced a Crimean or Malburian range I could be sorely tempted!

More soon!

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