Wednesday 9 January 2013

Vikings 3

My Lancashire Games Saxon army for playtesting Peter pigs new Viking rules 'Longships'. 8 bases of 3 figures in 5 units. Number of figures per base may change to denote armoured, unarmoured and levy troops.

The Vikings to oppose the Saxons. From prep tp finished article took around 5 hours per army. Basing is just a flock mix on Warbase mdf bases. All done for speed.

The first Peter Pig sculpts are up on the website and they look rather nice. You will find them hidden under 'Test' just below Gift Cards on the front page.

Picture of a playtest game in progress. Please excuse the 17th century buildings masquerading as Dark Age settlements and felt templates. The Saxons have just jumped from their boats and are making their way down table seeking plunder and religious artifacts. The alarm has yet to be raised with a sole Viking unit resting in two settlements on their base edge.

I think people will enjoy this game. There are some very nice mechanisms along with the usual pregame sequence. Not sure of a release date yet.

More soon...

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