Saturday 30 August 2014

Phew! What a Day!

In all my years of wargaming I have never had a day like today.

It started at 10am with a trip to Ade's house. We started with a game of Bolt Action in 20mm using Ade's lovely British and Germans. We are far from experienced with the rules so got a couple of things wrong but had a cracking game anyway. I took the role of the Germans attacking the British trying to secure 3 objectives spread out across a line a few inches in from Ade's baseline. Unfortunately Bolt Action doesn't , Pleasure and Pain. compensate much for the fact one person is attacking and both sides had equal points. I think tactical doctrine dictates odds of around 3:1 to contemplate an attack. A limited effectiveness pre game bombardment didn't quite balance things up and the Germans got shot up pretty badly. A great game though and I look forward to playing again.

We then played two games of DBA, a game I haven't played in probably 15+ years. Ade has several lovely Biblical era armies, I chose late Hittites up against Sea Peoples. I should add were playing DBA 2.0; what difference there is between that and version 1.0 I have no idea. After a bit of head scratching we were soon into the swing of things and we got through two games very quickly winning one each.

By then it was time for the club. First up for me was a game of Dreadball. I used my Orx team, the Dakka Dakka Smashers up against Keith with his female Corporation team, Pleasure and Pain. Keith scored a 4 point strike early on. We booth suffered with rotten dice but around the 5 rush I managed to draw level with a 4 point strike of my own. The very next rush Keith scored a 3 point strike and despite my best efforts i couldn't score. Like every game of Dreadball I have played, there was a chance right up until the last dice roll that I could get back into the game but alas the dice remained poor and Keith ended up winning by 3.

On finishing Dreadball myself, Keith and Ethan played a game of Zombicide. Great fun but we didn't manage to finish. At various points it seemed we were doomed but so far all 6 survivors are still alive. We have left it set up hopefully to finish next week.

So 5 games in one day. An all time high for me. Great fun, great company and all played in the right spirit. Long may this rich vien of gaming continue.

More soon...

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